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How So Smart works

Managing 100% of your business has never been easier. All online!

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So Smart comprende: piattaforma gestionale, sistema di e-learning e assistenza So Smart comprende: piattaforma gestionale, sistema di e-learning e assistenza
So Smart: the integrated management system designed to grow your business.
Come funziona So Smart

Within a short time of activation, you can easily manage every stage of your business, from sales to accounting, from a single control panel accessible online from browsers, tablets and smartphones. Spice up your business with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central management software and advanced productivity, communication and BI tools from Microsoft 365 and Power BI, complemented by apps for document management and electronic invoicing-you have all the features to make your work easier and faster.

Once you activate your subscription, not only can you access the online management and all the Microsoft 365 apps; you have the keys to access the training area, an e-learning platform reserved for you, with online courses and video-tutorials, to learn the secrets of running your business whenever you want. Not only that, you always have a personal trainer by your side to motivate you with regular information and the support you need via chat and e-mail.

What can I do with So Smart?

Watch the videos to get started with the management platform for digitizing your business

Introducing Business Central

Let's learn about Microsoft's management solution for automating and simplifying processes in SMBs now. It is at the heart of the So Smart offering.

Introducing Business Central
The electronic invoice

Let's learn how to quickly create and send electronic invoices with Business Central, the Microsoft management software included in the So Smart offering.

The electronic invoice
From Business Central to Excel and back

Let's look at how to transfer data from Business Central to Excel, with the ability to bring it back into the management system after processing it in the spreadsheet.

From Business Central to Excel and back
Integration of Outlook into Business Central

Let's see how to generate a sales document within Business Central after receiving an email with a request for proposal.

Integration of Outlook into Business Central
Power BI Integration in Business Central

Use Power BI and analyze your sales and purchasing trends through Business Central data. Access through predefined reports-the data will speak for itself!

Power BI Integration in Business Central
Business management can be learned

The e-learning platform is a training system with a simple and intuitive structure.

You are taken step by step inside the online management system, where you can see operations up close, learn functions and actions, and simulate your business.

In the explanatory video-tutorials , the tutor's voice clearly guides you through each step of the learning process of the ERP solution and integrated apps.

You can access the courses at any time and repeat the lessons whenever you want.

La gestione del business si impara con e-learning


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