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So Smart is not just an innovative product, but a tool for training and growing small businesses, to accelerate their digital transformation and nurture their ambition.

Joining our Partner Program means being part of this challenge, putting Microsoft's advanced technologies at the service of professionals at an affordable cost and generating new profits at no cost.

Join the Partner Programme to start today to increase your earnings and expand your offering without the burden of post-sales management.

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Offering a cutting-edge product

With So Smart you offer your customers the opportunity to go digital in just 10 days, to run their own business independently and to receive all the support they need.

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Expand market and profits

You only take care of the commercial aspects! We take care of everything else. An important opportunity for interesting revenue without having to manage the customer care activity.

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To be pioneers of an innovative service

So Smart means offering your customers an integrated platform that combines in a single modular management product made in Microsoft, online training and continuous assistance.

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What we offer
Vantaggi per i Partner
Dedicated management portal

Joining the Partner Programme means being part of an exclusive club of resellers with restricted access to a programme where sales and customer membership can be monitored.

Vantaggi per i Partner
No training and customer service charges

You will be able to accompany the customer to the purchase without any further burden. A sales-only commitment that excludes Customer Relation Management activities.

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Secure earnings

Investing time in So Smart means offering your customers a product that is unique, simple, fast and has a great, secure revenue opportunity.

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Marketing Kit to support your sales

We take care of the communication: we provide the partner with a complete marketing kit, to promote the product with tools consistent with the brand and the product.

Marketing Kit (What's inside)
Marketing kit
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Segno di Spunta Social Card/Post template
Segno di Spunta PowerPoint Template
Segno di Spunta Landing Page Template
Segno di Spunta SEM Text Ad Template
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