Commitment to the environment starts with digital

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Azure's commitment
100% di energia rinnovabile entro il 2025
conservare più acqua di quanta ne consumiamo
Rifiuti zero: certificazione entro il 2030
Zero deforestazione per nuove costruzioni
Adopting sustainable technologies for a cleaner future

Depending on the app configuration you choose, within a short time of activation, you can easily manage every stage of your business, from sales to accounting, from a single control panel with the advanced tools made in Microsoft Office 365, Business Central 365 and Power BI, supplemented by the EOS Apps, additional functionality to make your work even easier, and an additional application for document management process management and electronic invoicing.

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Ma non solo. Choosing cloud solutions based on Microsoft technology means making the right choice for the environment, because they are delivered through Azure Data Factory, which today already use 70% energy from renewable sources, with the goal of reaching 100% by 2025.

So Smart shares sustainability as the foundation of business and supports Microsoft's commitment and the way it manages its data centres, promoting Azure's action that focuses on four essential areas of environmental impact on local communities, namely emissions, water, waste and ecosystems.

Together, we don't just shape the business but the environment around us!