Commitment to the environment starts with digital

So smart, so green!

True innovation is what is good for the environment

100% renewable energy

By 2025

Save more water

Than we are using

Zero deforestation

For new builds

Zero waste

Certification by 2030

Adopting sustainable technologies for a cleaner future

With So Smart in a short time from activation, you can easily manage every step of your business, from sales to accounting, through a single control panel with advanced tools, which are made in Microsoft: Dynamics 365 Business Central, Office 365, Business Central 365 and Power BI.

Together, we don't just shape the business but also the environment around us!

Choosing cloud solutions based on Microsoft technology means making the right choice for the environment, because they are delivered through Data Factory Azure, which today already use 70% energy from renewable sources, with the goal of reaching 100% by 2025.

So Smart shares sustainability as the foundation of business and supports Microsoft's commitment and the way it manages its data center, promoting Azure's action that focuses on four essential areas of environmental impact on local communities, namely emissions, water, waste and ecosystems.