The So Smart solution is helping us to take control of our accounting, improving reporting to stakeholders and management control.

Niccolò Calandri

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So Smart is a very effective product for day-to-day management. It gives you greater control over your business processes, ensuring their effectiveness and reliability. Thanks to its easy integrations, it provides a 360-degree view of the company.

Massimo Carpita (Operation manager)


The ideal and cost-effective solution for the management of expanding SMEs. The online help and the possibility to edit data in Excel are very useful for managing the daily routine.

Luca Tonon

Tannus Italia srl

An excellent solution for small and medium-sized enterprises that want to scale their business. ERP gives you more control over your business processes.

Riccardo Natali


Starting in April 2022, together with the So Smart team, we began the migration from our current proprietary ERP/CRM solution to the complete, scalable ERP/CRM solution So Smart. After careful evaluation of other competitors, we opted for So Smart because, with a strong database like Business Central and the powerful Azure cloud, it guarantees reliability and adaptability to the specifications of a consulting company like ours. The people of the So Smart team were always available and courteous in clarifying all our doubts and fulfilling all our requests, meeting our needs, demonstrating their expertise in the various business sectors with our business interfaces, and guaranteeing the disposal of the old management system by September 2022.

Stefano Davì
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