From offer to order: how digitisation transforms small manufacturing companies

BOM and order automation: the ERP revolution for SMEs

In the digital era where technology takes the lead, small businesses are experiencing a significant transformation thanks to the innovation of modern cloud-based ERP systems. These software solutions, designed to integrate and optimize business processes, are opening new horizons in the field of business management. Particularly, sectors like custom manufacturing are enjoying notable progress due to advanced functionalities that go beyond simple automation. Let's explore how the implementation of an ERP has allowed two young entrepreneurs to simplify complex bill of materials management, establish precise agreed-upon prices, and make the transition from quotation to order more seamless. These advancements are just one example of how technological innovation is revolutionizing how small businesses handle their operations, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and, above all, significant time savings.

A Small Furniture Manufacturing

Marco and Ilaria, owners of a small custom furniture manufacturing business, were facing challenges related to bill of materials management, agreed-upon prices, and the smooth transition from quotation to order. The complexity of their products required detailed management of materials and resources, along with a personalized pricing process for each customer.

After implementing a new management software focused on custom production, they noticed significant improvements.

Bill of Materials Management

Marco, in charge of production, often found himself involved in the manual creation of bills of materials for each order. With the new software, he could automatically generate detailed bills of materials based on customer specifications. This significantly reduced the time spent on preparing bills of materials and minimized processing errors.

Agreed-Upon Prices

Ilaria, in charge of sales, benefited from the agreed-upon prices feature of the software. Each customer had customized rates based on various factors, and the software automated the pricing calculation accurately, ensuring that agreed-upon prices were always applied correctly. This improved transparency and customer satisfaction.

From Quotation to Order

When a customer accepted a quotation, the software streamlined the transition from quotation to order. Information was transferred automatically, eliminating the need to manually re-enter data. This reduced order processing times, providing a smoother and faster transition.


Marco and Ilaria experienced significant time savings, reducing the complexity of custom production and improving the overall customer experience. Bill of materials management, agreed-upon prices, and the process from quotation to order became much more efficient thanks to the automation offered by their management software.

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