Measuring business performance with ERP software

Misurare il rendimento aziendale con il software gestionale online

Measuring corporate performance in real time? You can! With the right online management software, this goal is no longer unattainable. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the ERP software at the heart of the management system offered by So Smart. It is certainly less popular than the productivity software offered in Microsoft 365 (Office 365, if you want to call it by the name used until recently) i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint. The user interfaces of the latter are well known. The same cannot be said for Business Central. So let's get to know it a little better and find out how it can help you in the day-to-day activities of your business management and, above all, how it can help you measure your business performance in real time.

What is an ERP and how does it help you measure business performance?

An ERP solution is an integrated and flexible system for managing a company. A well-designed and implemented ERP solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (the new Dynamics NAV), helps you intelligently manage every aspect of your business, helps you measure your business performance, and provides you with all the key information you need to run your business.

What do you find when you enter a management software such as Business Central?

Numbers mainly. But not the same numbers for everyone who enters.

The main feature of Business Central is that it does not show the same home screen to all users. This is customised based on the characteristics of the user who has logged in.

For example, you can have numbers relating to offers, orders and sales invoices; the current month's sales total, the amount of overdue sales invoices, or other indicators that are more meaningful to you. Put another way, this page allows you to keep an eye on the numbers that are essential for measuring business performance.

Data analysis using Power BI

So Smart also makes Power BI available to you and allows you to push this type of analysis even further. Checking cash availability, sales profitability, net profit and stock value, i.e. the significant values, also known as KPIs, of your company on a daily basis is no longer a problem.

Microsoft 365 BC Cloud Intelligente

This is because, in addition to the KPI graphs, you will also find priority information that requires your attention, including overdue payments. Click on each line of information to access the relevant list and thus see overdue customers, overdue invoices and other important values.

Keeping track of these values to measure business performance is the starting point for effective management of your business, whatever its size and whatever industry you operate in.

Does using online management software seem difficult to you? With the help of your coach, you will be able to get comfortable with the interface after only a few hours of practice.

So Smart is the online management software, based on Microsoft technologies, designed to digitize small businesses and manage them completely online in just a few days... with all the advantages offered by Business Central management, Power BI analytics, and productivity and collaboration software like Excel, Word, Teams, and PowerPoint. A productivity suite which will be even more powerful with the advent of Copilot's AI.

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