Use Copilot to tell your products

Describe your products with AI

What is Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft Copilot is an artificial intelligence (AI) application developed in collaboration with Open AI which finds application in various areas of Microsoft technology:

  • Developer tools
  • Microsoft 365 (Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, …), offering, for example, tools to improve document or email writing
  • Dynamics 365 Business Central

In all application areas, its goal is individual productivity improvement, leveraging machine learning models and providing real-time assistance.

Marketing texts for articles with Copilot

Unlike article descriptions, marketing text is rich and descriptive. Its purpose is to add marketing and promotional content. This text can thus be published with the article if it is published in a Web store, such as Shopify (learn more about the connector with the Shopify store), or pasted in an email or other communications with your customers.

Based on the attributes and category of the article, Copilot is capable of proposing text, in over 8 different languages, more or less engaging which can be subsequently edited by the user.

Let's see an example.

In the article registry, the Marketing Text action is available, also visible in the sidebar factbox:

How to Insert Marketing Text in a Product Sheet
How to Insert Marketing Text in a Product Sheet

The text can be manually edited or you can request Copilot to propose a draft using the Draft with Copilot action.

Within seconds, the first draft is available, which can be manually edited or by requesting Copilot to reformulate by adjusting the generation parameters.

The text generated by Copilot
The text generated by Copilot

What are the parameters that can be customized to achieve the desired result?

The Tone, which can be: Formal, Informal, Stimulating, Optimistic, and Creative.

The Format, which can be: Slogan, Slogan + Paragraph, Paragraph, and Informative.

The Emphasis, which can be: None, Innovation, Sustainability, Power, Elegance, Reliability, and Speed.

For example, by changing the tone of the above text from Stimulating to Formal, the result changes completely.

The revised text with a formal tone
The revised text with a formal tone

All this is available with So Smart.

In conclusion, a useful tool that allows saving time to focus energies on personalized content.

Find out more about what So Smart and Copilot can do to save you time and work better.

So Smart is the simplest and quickest way to enter the world of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The solution that helps you automate processes, monitor data in real time, produce analytical reports, and ensure compliance. Thanks to artificial intelligence, So Smart allows you to create marketing texts to attractively describe products in your ecommerce. So Smart is the cloud solution accessible from any browser, but in addition to your computer, you can also access it from smartphones or tablets by installing the appropriate app, to monitor and plan your activities at any time, and it is 100% Microsoft software.

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